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Nonfiction Author and Ecosystem/Justice Activist

As an author and activist, Robertson serves people and planet and calls others to join in catalyzing compassionate-ecological communities, organizations, nations, and global society. Having worked in over fifty countries for over fifty years, he was UNDP principal policy adviser of decentralized governance, NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service adjunct professor of innovative leadership, and Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) executive-director in four countries conducting organizational, community, and leadership development initiatives. He has published three books and contributed to eleven others.



Past. Present. Future.

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We live in the most critical time in human history. We face interlocking crises of climate chaos, ecocide, patriarchy, systemic poverty, plutocracy, bigotry, and perpetual warfare. Let us dare to dream and realize a new civilization of compassion. Let us take the necessary actions for environmental sustainability, gender equality, socioeconomic justice, participatory governance, cultural tolerance, and nonviolence and peace.

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This is the author's life story of his love for the world and his family. His journey begins in small-town Oklahoma and encircles the planet with ICA, UNDP, and NYU, in service to poor villages and slums, cities, nations, and public servants. The reader participates in his awakening, calling, travels, loves, adventures, beliefs, acts of service, struggles, tragedies, ecstasies, reflections, and life lessons.



- celebrating Earth and humanity, and commemorating family and self

Future books:

Collection of speeches delivered for the UN, ICA, the Building Creative Communities Conferences, Oklahoma City University, Horace Mann School, and International Day of Peace;

Essays of societal and personal reflections;

Grieving and caring during chaos and transformation; 

Innovative policies for decentralizing governance to promote sustainable human development;

A memoir of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual reflections; and other books.



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