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Enjoy Reading, Viewing, and Hearing 2023 Outputs of Compassionate Civilization Collaborative (C3)

C3 is an informal, expanding network of individuals and organizations promoting climate chaos and ecocide mitigation and adaptation, ecological regeneration, socio-economic justice, gender equality, peace and nonviolence, participatory governance, and cultural tolerance and understanding. It was launched in 2017 with the publication of my first book A Compassionate Civilization

During the violence, suffering, and confusion of 2023, C3 reached out globally, nationally, and locally with words and deeds of mindfulness, understanding, and care. In 2023, C3 actions involved partners in Nepal, Ukraine, Jordan, Pakistan, India, and Canada, in the US in Oklahoma, Arizona, California, and Georgia, and here in western North Carolina in Asheville, Black Mountain, and Swannanoa.

In previous years, I shared a list of activities on my blogsite. This year on Substack, I am offering more detail, context, and reflection. Please find below underlined links for some of C3 2023 partners, programs, podcasts, videos, books, essays, blogsites, websites, social media pages, memes, and more. I hope that you will enjoy and share the interviews, stories, messages, methods, music, policies, platforms, and poems.

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