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It's Time for Earthling Love

After publishing my manifesto, A Compassionate Civilization, and my memoir, Serving People and Planet, it was time for living poems, so here is, Earthling Love, just released on 18 July 2020.

In our time of chaos and stress, people need ways to touch truth, beauty, and love that refresh and inspire. These poems celebrate planet Earth and diverse humanity, and commemorate being part of a family and a grateful Earthling. The eighty-two poems written over fifty-five years offer joy, grieving, sensuality, and contemplation of the dance of life. Discover poetry crafted by a global-local citizen that interrupts the rational mind, creates a vision of galaxies and flowers, and sparks radical aliveness in a fleeting moment.

Click here to check it out, and get your copy, paperback or e-Book:

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