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Jennifer Hawthorne's review of Society, Spirit, Self

Jennifer Read Hawthorne is the author of four bestsellers. Below is her generous review of my new book.

"'Society, Spirit, Self: Essays on the One Dance' is the fifth book in what Robertson Work calls his "legacy series." It is beautifully organized, beautifully introduced, and contains the wisdom of one who understands the interconnectedness of all things. This book is LARGE in content but as the title indicates, contains three major themes of transformation: society, spirit, and self. The introduction summarizes these themes well: Societal transformations include whole systems change, sustainable human development, and visionary social activism; spiritual transformations address how to know what is true, good, wise, and loving; and self-transformations deal with how to live your calling, your authenticity, and your unique power. Rob has the extraordinary ability to weave all of these areas together in wholeness.

"On the first page of this book, Rob identifies the myriad of critical problems we face as a species. In the latter pages, he gives us the blueprint for our survival—a pivot to "environmental sustainability, gender equality, socioeconomic justice, participatory governance, cultural tolerance, and peace and nonviolence." I am struck by the consistency of his voice through more than five decades; it's as if he was born wise!

"But what strikes me most about this book is who Rob is as a person. Rob Work's life of service is deeply reflected in his personal journey. Part of working with people everywhere to improve their communities, cities and nations has been helping them become more awake, aware, understanding, empathic, and compassionate. His ability to do this rests in his own gentle spirit, compassion, authenticity, humility, vulnerability, and gratitude for life, which he shares in these writings alongside charts of "ecological consciousness" and "organizational energy." I highly recommend this book for anyone who cares about where we are headed and how they can help."

Here is the book: Also available in local bookshops. Hope you enjoy the read.

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