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My 2022 Intentions and Actions

I will continue my journey as a nonfiction author and ecosystem/justice activist, while caring for friends, family, and self

In 2022, my imprint, Compassionate Civilization (C2) Press, will market my five books and prepare a sixth. My new book will provide practical and spiritual care for individuals and their communities facing viral pandemics, climate chaos and ecocide, misogyny, wealth inequality, fascism, racism, and a culture of violence. Other book ideas include: life reflections and recommendations; and hopeful signs for a hopeful future. C2 Press will also explore creating audio versions of some of my books and assist groups in South Korea and Ukraine preparing language editions of two of my books. Two manuscripts on decentralized governance and innovative leadership will be submitted to Palgrave Macmillan with a request for publishing. I will give interviews concerning my books on two podcasts, and will hold Zoom dialogues about my most recent book, Society, Spirit, Self: Essays on the One Dance with faculty and students of Jindal School of Government and Public Service of Jindal Global University in India.

I will post regularly on social media in support of ecosystem regeneration, participatory governance, and socioeconomic justice. And I will continue as an advisor to five groups and initiatives around the world.

I will care for friends and family through regular communication, celebration, and assistance, and for myself physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. This will include daily walking in our neighborhood mountain-forest, wearing a mask and practicing physical distancing, eating wholesome food, drinking plenty of water, maintaining a healthy weight, getting adequate sleep, reading, being with family and friends, meditating, and more.

There will also be new requests, new challenges, new opportunities, new insights, new initiatives, and new visions.

In 2022, may all people and our planetary community thrive and be happy!

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