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Nine Quotes about Society, Spirit, Self

“In the great Renaissance essay tradition started by writers such as Michel de Montaigne" - Nikhil Chandavarkar, Ph.D., author of historical fiction (Brazil); former senior UN official

“A treasure trove of creative and analytical writings – emotional honesty & intellectual discipline” Tina Spencer, yoga instructor (Australia); former ICA staff

“Holistic, whole system approach to social transformation and a passion for humanity”

– G. Shabbir Cheema, Ph.D., former senior official of UNDP, UNDESA, Harvard Kennedy School, East-West Center

“Feast on his journeys in service – I will read and reread, and be inspired to dance” Kathleen Callahan, former deputy Regional Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“A must read for those who seek enlightenment”

– Ambassador Frank O’Donnell, Director/Trustee at School of Civic Education (UK)

“A vital guide – I highly recommend this book” - Elsa Javines Batica, retired facilitator, trainer & consultant

“A fascinating read and valuable roadmap – from a brilliant thought leader”

Charles F. “Chic” Dambach, President Emeritus, National Peace Corps Association

“Distilled values and attitudes – facilitating human striving”

- Harold Nelson, PhD, professor & consultant of systemic design

“So relevant to economic and political polarization – from a public intellectual”

- David D. Elliott, international educator (Vietnam)

Here is the book: Also available in local bookshops. Please let me know if you order a copy, and please post a review and rating after reading. Thanks!

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