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One of Bonnie's Favorites

I wrote this poem in Caracas in 1987. It is a favorite of my beloved from my book released later this month. I am excited to share poems celebrating Earth and humanity, and commemorating family and self.

POEM #201287

White wall, Spanish, textured,

scarlet cushion,

Gregorian chants from Hungary,

a whistle

(in the background a commercial)

my black pen moving

left - to - right

a bubble-uble—ing

goldfish swim in random patterns,

I clear my throat

and think

and what of this

and what is this

that is or is it

or is it not an it at all

or not at all

or all or nothing

my eyes blink, tight, tired, dry,

from crying,

from happiness

Gracias a Dios,

last night,

Bach's B Minor Mass,

this morning's mass,

Armenian Orthodox and

painting my door ivory,

a ham sandwich,

sitting on our balcony

with my wife and hot tea

darkness comes

Thanks be to God

God be thanked

Be God and thankful

Full of God and being

Be full and still


White wall, Spanish, textured,

scarlet cushion,

Gregorian chants (from Hungary)

Here in Caracas

in our monastery

Thanks to the Most High

Glory be to Thee on High

All thanks and glory be Thine

All mine and

Mind is All in All

Listen to the song

the singing rises, falls and rises again,

brooding, sitting, setting

and back and forth,

the Middle Ages to Robocop

the Buddha almost smiles,

the mirror, reflections of reality

the path to the forest shrine, and

The books, papered, colored,

In disorderly rows

to be read and

what was said, oh

my head,

to get ahead,

go ahead,

little shepherd

seeking the child


O barefoot kid yourself

who grew up to bare

yourself before God as

heir and before humanity as


Thank you

O Lamb of God who taketh

away the illusions of this world

and who taketh us to

the mysteries of the Other World

in the midst of this world

Glory be to Thee

Lightness, rising and falling and

rising again

and is dinner ready

and will I be ready

already willing

already being

and what of you?

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