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Tina Spencer's Review of Society Spirit Self: Essays on the One Dance

“This is a most generous offering of a life poured out in tireless service, humble gratitude, and honest self-reflection. Anyone who has led a life of self-inquiry, social and organizational analysis and development, and conscious care for self/planet during this time will find in Rob’s essays a kindred spirit, a comrade in arms, a wise elder. In these complex times of great transformation, it is good and necessary to step back and see from where we have come and ask the perennial questions of humanness: Who am I? What do I do with this one precious life? How do I endure and make sense of the suffering? In these essays, Rob beckons us to join him on the dance floor of life and evolutionary development of consciousness. This is a treasure trove of creative and analytical writings that arises from the heart and dances off the pages of history in a delightful variety of styles and expressions. Living a conscious life is not for the faint of heart, and we come away feeling encouraged, humbled, moved, and challenged by the emotional honesty, the intellectual discipline, the “miracle of communication” that is shared so generously through these essays.

“I like the way Rob revels in the art of writing and becoming conscious of his knowing, being, and doing. I reread the essay on ‘Organizational Energy’ twice as it was so in depth, comprehensive, mind extending, intellectually challenging, and so important as a context for the whole series of essays. I so appreciate his invitations to the reader to reflect on our own personal experience with the inclusion of reflective questions in many of the pieces. With that, he creates a conversation, a learning environment for the reader. I also appreciated his use of gender neutral terms and advocacy for women in a number of the essays. I was quite touched to read his journey around his wife Mary’s passing, moving through his grief, embracing the future. Two favorites are ‘The Christology of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’, and ‘There is Only the Dance.’ I also very much appreciated his reflections on the 9/11 tragedy. The structure and flow of the essays are wonderful. Very readable. The stream of consciousness writing, I read out loud like a rap song. The variety of writing styles made the reading very interesting. Thanks to Rob so much for the generosity of this work and for his ongoing dedication to seeking and articulating truth and wisdom on behalf of the greater collective. There is so much richness and beauty in these works that I know I will return to them to gain more insight and understanding and encouragement for the ongoing journey.”

- Tina Spencer, yoga instructor (Australia), former ICA staff member

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